One Wish

Here in our little corner of “not so sunny right now” Africa, we’re really pleased to host a little piece of loveliness in the form of our One Wish collection.  Designed in the UK, this is a delightful collection of understated designs created to be treasured. One Wish captures sentimental ideas beautifully; saying the funny, quirky or lovely things that we sometimes struggle to – which makes it a perfect gift or even a little pick me up for yourself…


One Wish Jewellery – Why dreaming was invented!

Crafted from Sterling Silver and beautifully packaged, this collection has innovative and eye-catchingly sweet designs and a real quality feel.  Winner of the UK Fashion Jewellery Collection of the Year, we just love the uplifting and quirky messages on the cards almost as much as we love the jewellery itself !

Our personal favourite is the ever popular “Love you to the moon and back” – who hasn’t said that to their child?  But we also love for the English eccentricity “You’re my cup of tea” & “You’re a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins”

We asked the nice people at One Wish for a little background on their collection and this is what they told us…

“Wish is a beautiful word, declaring a desire for something; or merely good wishes (thoughts) bestowed upon another… It’s the basis for change, it precedes thoughtful change…. And so it’s a strong and hopeful word too – which is why we chose it…

Think of throwing a pebble into a pond and imagine seeing the ripples forming outward from the middle. If you imagine those ripples being words, each ripple is a letter or word in a sentence. This idea is the basis for our One Wish collection, the idea that we can change our world, that we can affect things around us for the better…

The collection is designed to be worn to create optimism, so take a deep breath, make your wish – and your One Wish jewellery will remind you of it each time you wear it. Wearing your One Wish jewellery will help you to think about your wishes, to make them real and hopefully to bring them closer to you.

One Wish, created to be treasured !

Award-winning designer jewellery from Kate Hamilton-Hunter Studio


Swish is thrilled to be a stockist of the beautifully delicate Kate Hamilton Hunter jewellery collection.  With a studio in sunny North Wales (UK), Kate’s small team design and make the most exquisite jewellery from old biscuit tins.  Yep, you did read that correctly! They use old sweet, toffee and biscuit tins to make the cutest designs we’ve seen in a long time.

Flower Heart Pendant and Bracelet

Vintage Heart Pendant and Bracelet

From the day she made her first item – an angel from a Golden Syrup tin – Kate has been inspired to create jewellery from metal.  With a reputation for innovation, and a unique signature style for these unusual materials, the results are a delicate, stylish and totally desirable jewellery collection comprising necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets and brooches.

Picture of Hearts and Pearls displayed on a teacup

Hearts with Pearls


The Kate Hamilton Hunter brand is synonymous with high quality, beautifully designed and packaged jewellery that has a heart and a message. Its also proudly hand-made in the UK and is cute beyond words – quite how someone sees a biscuit tin and thinks… jewellery collection is beyond me, but it works!  In fact it more than works, because the designs are delicate, beautiful and collectable

A photo of Kate Hamilton-Hunter

Kate Hamilton-Hunter

Kate has also trained in silversmithing and has created a collection of jewellery that uses 100% recycled silver. We’re excited to see which direction this talented lady will take next.



View the collection instore at Swish, Somerset Mall. 021 851 0256



Announcing …the early bird


If you love your jewellery hand made, hand finished and oozing with style, then you’ll love our Early Bird collection !

Early Bird arrives at Swish, Somerset Mall. Worm expected now now!

Early Bird arrives at Swish, Somerset Mall. Worm expected now now!


Taking its inspiration from nature, The Early Bird collection is crafted from sterling silver and worked on by hand with a variety of modern finishes. We love the fashionable little bows, cute little twitter inspired birds, hazy lazy butterflies and gloriously delicate silver flowers.  Summer may fast be slipping into a distant memory for most of us, but these whimsical nature inspired pieces will ensure that you keep a taste of Summer with you as we slide into the dull months ahead…



Mixing things up is what this collection does really well; juxtaposing natures designs with modern materials to capture moments in nature. Take the little hawthorn flowers, for instance, singularly sawn out by hand from silver sheet, they have been left with a brushed but bright and shiny finish and they look adorable – team them with a simple t-shirt for a dressed down look or they’d look equally great with an elegant top and a dinner date !


Swish is crazy about great design and when it is made from sterling silver then so much the better.  We love this this pretty collection so we’re confident that you’ll love it too!  See it in store or online at :-


Stylish, modern and unique – The Early Bird really does catch the worm !


For more information about this beautiful silver collection, just drop us an email or give us a call 021 851 0256